Wednesday, March 7, 2012

air swimmers unboxed and specifications

Air Ranger Remote Controlled Swimmers Flying Clownfish and Shark Toy

Product Features

  • Fill the 5 ft. long Mylar fish with helium
  • Swims through the air with lifelike fish movements.
  • Refillable. Stays afloat for up to 2 weeks on one helium refill.
  • Recommended for indoor use only, uses 4 AAA batteries, not included
  • Set of 2, one Clownfish, one Shark. Control area: over 8 meters

Product Description

Giant Shark or Clownfish "swims" through the air with lifelike fish movements and a tail that moves back and forth! You fill the Mylar fish with helium (available at party stores and some florists) and you control his realistic movements from the ground with the remote control. He propels right and left, up and down--and he makes tight maneuvers around people and obstacles and through doorways. Refillable; they stay afloat for up to 2 weeks on one helium refill. Recommended for indoor use only. Each measures almost 5 feet long, uses 4 AAA batteries, not included,See full specification and price


Nice Toy The kids will love it

I got Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clown Fish as Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews and that they LOVED LOVED LOVED it, once we tend to all place our heads along to work out a way to place the fins on. The numbers and letters on the directions were completely different from the numbers and letters for the particular components.You also need to use caution putting these along since the items are made from light-weight materials so as for the fish to be ready to float. I don't suppose they're cheaply created in the least, however they're light-weight and need some care when handling.The remotes worked perfectly and there have been sharks and clownfish swimming everywhere the house! the children loved it. Read full reviews

Air swimmers clown fish playing with a cat

It is superb cool toy to looks like very swimming within the air wit real fish moves. it's far better than to do to fly chopper toys. my 3.5 year old kids will play with it. buy one for your kids Product Description
From the Manufacturer Remote Control Flying Clown Fish swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like swimming motion. These amazing fish provide hours of remote control indoor fun and have complete up, down and 360 degree turning control (not for outdoor use). The controller requires only Two AAA batteries, while the body has a built in battery (there is a switch on it to turn it on), the product itself comes with the charger for it. The Shark is remote infra-red controlled and will respond to your inputs moving up and down most importantly left to right with fish like tail movement. Remote control has never come to life so magically! The helium filled fish body is made from durable nylon and with appropriate use will stay inflated for weeks depending on altitude. Product Description Remote - controlled Air Swimmers Flying Shark "swims" effortlessly through the air. Here's a great gift for ages 8 and up! It's a helium-filled Great White Shark balloon that you can maneuver through the air via remote control. Swims from room to room with lifelike shark motion. Realistic graphics team up with easy steering in any direction. Remote-controlled fun has never come to life so magically! Details: Fill with inexpensive helium at any party store, florist shop or grocery store that carries balloons; 40' control range. For indoor use only. 57"l. 36"h., kit: 1 lb., 2 ozs. For ages 8 and up.; Snap up yours today! CHOKING HAZARD. Item contains small parts.Not for children under 3 yrs.
see full specifications

Great Fun! Air Ranger Swimming Fish reviews

I think this is often fully the best toy this year. you are doing ought to take care and follow the directions fastidiously because it could be a terribly delicate toy however needs to be to acheieve desired impact. It will work perfectly though if directoins are followed. the highest fin on the ceiling isn't a giant deal. It doesn't management how it swims and should get a little squished once some days of hitting the ceiling, no massive deal.It is simply drivable by all ages however adult supervision is helpful for small ones in order that it'll last. One issue don't fly outdoors. we have a tendency to had the rear door open (first nice fall day) and it got sucked out and immeadiately flew over the trees. Our fault what does one expect of a large helium ballon that goes out on a windy day.

Overall one of the best rc toys I have seen that actually works. oh yeah some others say cheaply made it kind of has to be as if it had really heavy durable materials it could not fly, it would drop to the ground after a day. The materials arnt cheap the bands seem to be silicone and a very light weight plastic for the the motor housing see all reviews

By : Mike Snow